Grey Barn Eidolon 1lb.

Grey Barn Eidolon 1lb.


$30 - 1 lb.


Bright and grassy, Eidolon is our signature bloomy-rind cheese, deliciously inspired by French classic like chaource and coulommiers. A rich ring of creamy surrounds the cheese’s caky center for a mix of texture and flavor that is utterly unique. More than any other Grey Barn cheese, the Eidolon puts our dairy herds grass-based diet on full display: the cheese’s most prominent flavors change seasonally with the pasture.


This cheese takes its name from the Walt Whitman poem, Eidolons: an Eidolon is an objects perfect form; it’s an ideal, almost unattainable. For us, that perfect form has always been a cheese that captures the heart of the farm: one that packs a taste you could only produce on Martha’s Vineyard. Instead of a standard brine, we hand-salt and dry the Eidolon after they’ve been drained into their cylindrical form. The starter cultures in Eidolon naturally bloom over time, forming the soft and delectable white rind that distinguishes the Eidolon and other bloomy-rinds. 


Serving Suggestion:
We suggest you serve Eidolon with crisp green apple, light honey and toasted bread. Switching the apple and honey for a favorite marmalade makes Eidolon a delicious breakfast treat. And with an acidic vinaigrette, Eidolon makes a wonderful salad topping. 


Pairing Suggestion:
Cold, crisp cider or a dry Champagne: nothing too sweet. Or a tart, bubbly lemonade for something non-alcoholic.


MILK: Pasteurized milk from our Grey Barn cows.


AGED: Two weeks.


FLAVOR: Eidolon is a bright and grassy bloomy-rind cheese with hints of apple and celery. Ultimately, these flavors give way to deep mushroom and toasted pie crust.


COLOR: The delicate white bloomy-rind leads to a yellow interior that’s bright in the summer and pale yellow in the winter.


TEXTURE: Eidolon's texture is soft and yielding just under its white bloom. This luscious paste incircles a crumbly cake-like center.