Hermit Thrush Party Guy Sour

Hermit Thrush Party Guy Sour

$11.99 - 4pack/16oz. cans


Kettle soured session wild ale.  3%abv.  Parti-gyle style beer packs in flavor, but keeps it crushable. Soured with native lactobacilli.


This 3% crusher is lemony with notes of strawberry, and is brewed using the centuries old �parti-gyle� method, in which two brews are drawn from a single mash. Because Party Guy is the subsequent wort runnings of a higher ABV beer, it packs a stunningly large amount of flavor and mouthfeel, passing through twice as much flavorful grain than would a typical 3% ABV beer. Souring this with native lactobacilli gives it a lot of fruitiness.