Jasper Hill Cellars Landaff Wedge 6oz

Jasper Hill Cellars Landaff Wedge 6oz

$10.99 - 6 oz.


DEB AND DOUG ERB craft Landaff on their second-generation dairy farm in the White Mountains. Declining milk prices drove the Erbs determined pursuit of cheesemaking as a way to revitalize their farm. Doug developed Landaff after studying with the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese and making Caerphilly with the Duckett family of Somerset, England.


SENSORY NOTES  - Landaff has a natural rind and a semi-firm paste with subtle aromas of cave and grass. Its balanced complexity harmonizes a bright buttermilk tang and savory brown butter notes.

PAIRING AND SERVICE  - Landaff is harmonic with a wide array of accompaniments - raw honey, whole-grain mustard, smoked meats, or berry preserves. Though elegant when simply paired with a sturdy white wine or crisp pilsner, Landaff is verstile enough to use in the kitchen - it melts exceptionally well, retaining a smooth body and indulgent character.