Night Shift Fluffinity

Night Shift Fluffinity

$15.69 - 4pack/16oz. Cans



ABV: 7.0%

TASTING NOTES: Tangerine, Pineapple Candy, Ripe Mango, Juicy, Smooth


To Fluffinity and beyond! This 7.0% hop-bomb IPA is a fresh squeeze from the orangest, haziest, juiciest clouds you?ve never seen. 

Pours light orange with a fluffy white head and thick haze. Bursting with flavors of tangerine, pineapple candy, and ripe mango. Sips smooth and juicy, without overwhelming bitterness. Finishes surprisingly clean. Easy to crack another.

If you?re a die-hard following us quite closely ? this recipe is inspired by In Development NEIPA batches #2 and #4 ? the best of both worlds.